Culture Report

Working space

Working space that raise concentration

On the basis of our work style and pattern that have been accumulating in the last ten years,
NAVER has built a company building where employees can work in a healthier and pleasant environment.

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Indoor working space where fresh air is maintained

Wood-flooring has been laid instead of carpets,
and the finishing of the ceilings has been minimized to prevent dust from settling.
Also, appropriate indoor humidity level is constantly maintained.

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A meeting room where fresh air does not go away even after a passionate discussion

By installing a Co2 sensor inside all meeting rooms,
where the temperature can go up during engaging discussions,
the room maintains the quality of air freshness.

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An ergonomic chair provided to all employees

With the mind that ‘Employees’, who work long hours, should use the best chair',
NAVER provides an ergonomically designed chair to every employee/worker.