To work at NAVER

네이버가 일하는 방식 첫번째
NAVER’s successes mainly have been based on our resolute commitment to explore and
resolve the inconveniences experienced by our users.
Listening in closely to the voices of our users with empathy and
genuine interest instructs us on how to stay ahead of the Market.
Users and the Market, too, dictate the timing of our service launches.
"Users" are our most central criterion and standard.
네이버가 일하는 방식 두번째
Just as much as Users’ voices impact us,
NAVER’s services and products impact the everyday lives of Users.
Users may derive pleasure or the opposite of it from the services we provide.
Therefore, no matter how tedious and minor, we feel the weight of responsibility and
find meaning in delivering our services.
Moreover, rather than having traditionally assigned working hours,
we follow a work schedule that allows for as much flexibility as needed.
네이버가 일하는 방식 세번째
When we fiercely apply ourselves to our jobs, we create unique value,
and we find our selves growing and developing.
We greet success at such moments.
Success, to us, is not an unanticipated miracle.
네이버가 일하는 방식 네번째
However, in a quickly changing Internet services industry,
the achievement of success in one moment in time does not mean eternal success.
Likewise, the service we create is not a final and complete outcome – rather,
it is an organism that is dynamically adapting to the needs of Users and the Market.

We do not fight the evolving trend nor are we dragged by it.
NAVER’s services move in parallel with the Internet services market
that is shaped by our Users and the Market.
네이버가 일하는 방식 다섯번째
In this environment of continuous change,
we at NAVER strive for maximum transparency and progressive growth.
To work at NAVER is to be a part of this transparent and progressive corporate culture.